El kiwi tópico eficaz para ulceras en pie diabetico

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Effects of topical Kiwifruit on healing of neuropathic diabetic foot ulcer.
Mohajeri G1, Safaee M1, Sanei MH2.


Kiwifruit (Actindia Deliciosa) is demonstrated to have antibacterial and pro-angiogenic effects. It also contains proteolytic enzymes (actinidin) and ascorbic acid. In this study, the effects of Kiwifruit on neuropathic diabetic foot ulcer healing in clinical settings were evaluated.

In this randomized clinical trial of 37 patients (17 in experimental and 20 in control groups) with neuropathic diabetic foot ulcer were studied in Isfahan-Iran. Patients of the control group received just the standard treatments. In the experimental group, in addition to the standard treatments, ulcers were dressed with pure extract of kiwifruit twice daily for 21 days. The ulcers were examined and evaluated based on macroscopic, microscopic and microbiological status. Pre- and post-interventions, biopsies were taken from the ulcers to perform microbiological and histological studies.

Mean reduction in surface area of foot ulcer in the experimental group was significantly higher than the control group (168.11 ± 22.31 vs. 88.80 ± 12.04 mm(2) respectively, P < 0.0001). The amount of collagen and granulation tissues was significantly higher in the experimental groups than the control group (P value < 0.0001). Significantly higher levels of angiogenesis and vascularization were found in the kiwifruit treated patients (P value < 0.0001). No significant antibacterial effect was observed for kiwifruit.

Natural compounds in the kiwifruit including protein-dissolving enzymes (Actinidin) improved different aspects of the wound healing process. Based on these benefits and safety aspects, we conclude that using kiwifruit is a simple, applicable and effective way for treatment of neuropathic diabetic foot ulcer.